Ground Crew Support in Aviano

Medium: Acrylic on 18 x 24 canvas board (2000).
Display: This work has been displayed at several locations throughout Canada as part of the squadron’s commemoration of its operations. 441 Sqn collection.


Canadian CF-18 fighter-bombers from 441 Squadron based in Cold Lake, Alberta, were deployed to the NATO airbase in Aviano, Italy during the Kosovo air campaign. The CF-18s were worked on by their ground crews in all weather conditions in support of air operations. This painting, commissioned by 441 Squadron, was one of eight created by several artists under special commission documenting the squadron’s operations during that air campaign.

Historical Note

As our aviation history is carried into the 21st century, the Canadian Air Force story continues. Every day Canadian Air Force aircraft and crews are in the air supporting Canadian defence and security needs. They patrol far off skies in support of alliance operations in a 21st century setting dealing with new threats to national and international security. They are transporting humanitarian supplies around the globe and saving lives here at home. They are jet, turboprop and rotary wing driven agents of the country’s interests. Although many questions exist as to the exact form of Canada’s air forces in the future, there is no doubt that those forces must exist in order to protect national sovereignty and interests over the vast aerial dominion that is Canada’s claimed airspace.

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